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Lawrence Nordhoff
Chiropractic Office Forms
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Chiropractic Office Forms

Created for Microsoft Word Users

Forms for the Chiropractic OfficeDr Nordhoff has created a series of files in Microsoft Word that cover the majority of issues facing the clinician and his/her staff; including administrative, insurance, intake, history, exam, personal injury, workers’ compensation, diagnosis, treatment, and reports. These files can be copied into the Doctor’s IBM based computer into “My Documents,” thus giving the doctor the ability to customize these forms easily or to copy and paste documents for specific purposes.  There are about 150 pages of forms on the CD. These forms are focused on both a practical and evidence-based approach for the practice. The doctor is encouraged to make changes in the forms, including; adding the doctor’s and/or clinic name, address, and customizing individual clinic protocols, technique preferences, and any other changes that suit your needs.  This allows the doctor to print his/her own form originals without having to spend money paying for pre-printed forms that are not customized. Binders and CD holders vary in design.

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See below for computer and printer requirements as well as copyright information, disclaimer, and return policies.

Computer Requirements

These office forms have been created as files solely for the purpose of working with the Doctor’s existing Microsoft Word software (only IBM Compatible computers) and are designed to function in “Office 2003” and/or newer versions of Microsoft Word in a Windows 2000 and/or newer Windows environments.  These files will not work in Microsoft Works, Word Perfect programs or Mac-based computer programs.  You must have the full version of Microsoft Word already installed on your computer before copying the files on the DC that you purchased into your computer.   Basic Requirements: a higher speed IBM compatible computer with 128 Mb or more of RAM, at least 100 Mb of free hard disc space, a CD-ROM drive, minimum of 800 x 600-256 color VGA monitor, and a windows compatible pointing device. 

Printer Requirements for Printing Forms

The user needs a newer inkjet or LaserJet printer that prints at 600 dpi or better to take advantage of these forms.  Older, 300 dpi printers or inkjet printers will not look as clear as newer printers and some older printers will not print the one-half inch forms.  Your printer must be able to print ½ inch margins.  Dot matrix printers will not print clear forms and will not print the margins properly.  You may need to upgrade your printer if it will not print ½ inch margins.  If you have a color printer, you can change the colors if so desired.                  

Copyright Agreement, Disclaimer and Return Policy

Dr Lawrence Nordhoff’s office forms have been created as files in Microsoft Word “Office 2000” for IBM compatible computers (see computer/printer requirements) and are copyright protected.  The user (purchaser) of Dr Nordhoff’s office forms will indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Dr Lawrence Nordhoff, from resellers, and Microsoft Corporation against lawsuits, claims, costs associated with defense or accusation that may result from the use of these Microsoft Word files.  Dr Nordhoff is not responsible for any damages, whatsoever, including loss of computer information, interruption of business, personal injury and/or damage or consequential damage without limitation, incurred before, during, or after the copying and/or use of these files.  Dr Nordhoff’s entire liability, without exception, is limited to the doctor’s reimbursement of the purchase price in exchange for the return of the form CD-ROM, binder, and inserts.  Dr Nordhoff does not guarantee that these forms comply with every state law in regards to various physician requirements regarding patient care.  The user is solely responsible to modify these forms to comply with any current or new laws.

The sale or distribution of this CD-ROM, copies of this CD, or paper copies of forms generated from material on the CD to persons or businesses outside the user’s facility, contained in this CD, is strictly forbidden without the express consent from Dr Nordhoff.

If the CD will not load properly for any reason or due to damage during shipping, contact my office via fax and a new CD will be sent to you.  Lawrence Nordhoff, DC, at 4133 Mohr Ave, Ste F, Pleasanton, CA 94566-4750.   If the doctor and/or the doctor’s staff have questions about the form installation they can call Dr Nordhoff

If the doctor is not happy with the form content or design for any reason he/she simply needs to return the entire package of forms back to Dr Nordhoff within the 60 day time slot from the purchase date.  Once in receipt of the refund request, Dr Nordhoff will issue a check for the full refund within 30 days after receiving:  a) the original CD and b) the binder with inserts. 

Note:  Although prepared for chiropractors and other health care providers, these forms are designed and sold with the understanding that Dr Lawrence Nordhoff is not engaged in rendering or providing legal service for any specific situation, medical condition, or patient, including knowledge of all state and Federal laws.  Employee application forms, HIPAA forms, and workers’ compensation laws vary between states and are changed periodically and the doctor needs to comply with all Federal and state laws.  These forms are not intended to comply with Medicare Laws. Be certain to review these forms before using them and keep up with future laws.   If questions arise, please consult with an attorney or Dr Nordhoff.  The HIPAA forms are designed to help the smaller office and the doctor should purchase a manual in how to further understand new laws pertaining to protecting health information from patients.  The HIPAA forms do not substitute for having your staff properly trained.



Forms for the Chiropractic Office

COST: $150.00

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BONUS! Any doctor who orders these office forms will also be provided three additional files (MS Word) that contain Dr Nordhoff’s “Motor Vehicle Collision Injury” seminar notes. These free seminar notes include injury biomechanics, history taking and examination strategies, diagnosis, treatment, and latest manipulation studies. These notes include nearly 250 references in the medical and automotive literature.


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ChiropracticOfficeForms.com hosts a comprehensive set of practical office forms for the chiropractic clinic that is evidence-based and has been created by a chiropractor who has been in practice for 25 years. Examples: Intake, history, exam, SOAP, problem list, pain drawings, pain intensity scale, administrative forms, auto accident, work comp, informed consent, Spanish, and many others. Form files are designed to work in Microsoft Word in DC’s office.